Troubleshooting “Can’t Send AOL Email” Issue

Can’t send AOL email? Or getting “Sending Failed” messages? It’s sometimes AOL server’s settings or AOL account settings that can result in AOL email sending errors.

In this article, we will be discussing 3 major AOL email sending errors and their sure-shot fixes so that you can handle the problem when next you face it. These problems are:

1) Email sending failed to other @aol.com email addresses

2) How AOL DMARC security policies affect sending emails?

3) Cannot Send Email/Message Using the Server AOL

Let’s get ahead with these problems and discuss them one by one.


Email sending failed to other @aol.com email addresses

Did you get the error- Cannot Receive Email on AOL,”? When tried sending emails from another mail server. Or did you get to see Error ‘State 18’, and emails bounce back from your AOL account?

The possibility is that all your emails going to the AOL addresses are blocked as spam. You need to move your messages from the spam folder back to the inbox, check out the following steps to do this:

§   Launch AOL mail.

§   In the left panel where all folders are located, look for the Spam folder.

§   Choose the email/emails you wish to move back to the inbox or unblock by clicking the checkbox in front of it.

§   Click on the OK button also known as the ‘Not Spam’ button.

§   This will move your emails from the spam folder to their original place with the exact date and time when it was received.

To make sure the emails from this sender don’t go to spam in the future, add his email in your contacts.


How to add an email address to the contacts list?

§   Log in to your AOL account.

§   Click on the Contacts icon on the left-side main menu, having all other folders.

§   Click on the ‘New Contact’ button.

§   Add the required sender’s information in the form.

§   Finally, click the ‘Add Contact’ button.

§   The sender’s email is now saved in your contact book.

Note: If you are unable to import emails from AOL Desktop Gold or have no more active service for sending or receiving emails then AOL Gold Download Install and use its email feature as before.


How do AOL DMARC security policies affect sending emails?

If you are unable to send AOL emails or AOL email sending failed this could be the one reason.

AOL keeps improving its features with every updated version or even in the existing version to let users experience lightning fast and most convenient mailing platform.

Security is one major concern when it comes to the online world, whether it is an online shopping site, online banking system, or even a personal or professional email system.

Considering the security fact AOL mail server has launched its new DMARC security policies. This explains that all the sent emails from the AOL account will be first received by AOL Server only and then will be forwarded to destination servers.

To update and let your AOL run smoothly you need to modify the outgoing SMTP configuration, otherwise, you can’t send AOL emails as the AOL server will not let you send any emails and will keep rejecting your emails.

Check with the required outgoing SMTP configuration settings as follows:

§   IMAP server address: imap.aol.com

§   Username: Your AOL email address.

§   IMAP password: Your AOL Mail password

§   Port: 993

§   IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes

The incoming SMTP settings to fix the ‘AOL blocking emails’ error

§   Incoming Mail Server: imap.aol.com

§   SMTP Outgoing Server Address: smtp.aol.com.

§   Port: 587

§   SMTP Username: Your AOL email address

§   SMTP password: AOL Mail password

Re-configuring the server settings will fix the ‘ AOL mail sending failed  issues.


Cannot Send Email/Message Using the Server AOL?

Have you ever noticed that your sent email gets saved in the outbox or sent folder instead of getting delivered to the destination?

The following steps will help you to resolve the ‘Cannot Send AOL Email’ issue, let’s start:

Launch your browser; here we are considering Internet Explorer.

§   Open AOL email.

§   In the account settings section, go to the “Outgoing Mail Server” section.

§   Click the SMTP section

§   Turn off the ‘Primary Server’.

§   Next, click the ‘Add Server’ option and type the below-given details in the “Outgoing Mail Server” section.

§   Host Name: smtop.aol.com

§   Username: your AOL email address

§   Password: your AOL account password

§   Use SSL: ON

§   Authentication: Password

§   Server Port: 587

Note: Leave the username empty field in the SMTP section. Additionally, the displayed Primary Server section will be highlighted Grey ignore it you need to create a new one for yourself.

The above-discussed solutions mostly work for these problems and you can send emails from AOL successfully. However, if you are still facing the AOL email sending errors, you can contact at Desktop Gold support number.

The technicians will guide you to some perfect solutions for your AOL sending email issues.

Well, it’s you are not through yet! There’s a lot more to learn about can’t send AOL email via AOL. So, stay tuned to check out the next related article.

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