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Cash App without SSN – How to Use, Send Money and Verify Account

 The Cash App is a money transfer medium that allows users to transfer or receive money online. Cash App offers so many great features; however, it asks its users to verify their account. For account verification, Cash App urges users to share the SSN. It is one of the most essential pieces of info which is required for Cash App account verification.

Moreover, if you are using the Cash App without SSN as your personal payment app, you are not getting the fullest advantages of this smart P2P payment app.

Do many users want to know how to set up a Cash App without using SSN? And have a query is it safe to give your Social Security Number to the Cash App? So to help such users, we have decided to write this blog and help them use Cash App without SSN. Before we begin, you must know that Cash App divides its users into two categories:

1.      Non-Verified Users

2.      Verified Users

How to send money on Cash App without SSN?

Cash App allows its users to send or receive money for free. If you have a Cash App account, you can transfer free with it using a mobile application. You can send money on Cash App without SSN, but note that a non-verified user can send up to $250 in 7 days, whereas the receiving amount is $1000. If you want to send more than this amount, you must verify your account using SSN and other details.

Because after account verification, you will be able to send $7500 in a week, whereas there is no limit on receiving the amount. So it is highly recommended that you verify your account to get all the benefits of the Cash App.

Some people also look for how to send money without the SSN in the Cash App and bypass the verification procedure. But you shouldn’t bypass the process, because it is a violation of the terms of service of the Cash App. Hence, you need to verify your Cash App account for sending or receiving a large amount of money.

However, if your wish to send money on Cash App without SSN, you need to take the below-mentioned steps: 

1.      Log into your Cash App account on your mobile phone

2.      Tap on the $ icon on the bottom of the screen.

3.      Enter the amount of money you want to send.

4.      Put the details such as Email, Phone number, or $Cashtag of the receiver.

5.      Finally, hit the Pay button, and authenticate the app.

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How to verify a cash app without SSN?

On Cash App for account verification, there are certain details that you have to share, such as full name, date of birth, and most importantly, the Social Security number. With account verification, you can increase the limit of sending or receiving money on the Cash App. For instance, if you have already sent $250 in the last seven days, you may not be able to send the money; to do that you need to verify your account with SSN.

However, if you are looking for how to verify a Cash App account without SSN, you might get disappointed because this is not possible to do so. Whenever you try to send more money than the Cash App daily limit, it will prompt you to verify your account by providing information such as the billing address, date of birth, contact details, and SSN. Therefore, without SSN, it is impossible to verify your identity on Cash App.


To conclude the blog, you must be clear about how to send money on Cash App without SSN. The account verification is a voluntary procedure as of now it is not mandatory. If you want to access the advanced features or benefits of the Cash App, you need to share the SSN with the Cash App. You can also increase the money sending or receiving limit on the Cash App by verifying your account. But it is not possible to complete the Cash App account verification without SSN. For further guidance, you can reach out to the Cash App customer service team. 


Can I use a cash app without SSN?

Yes, you can use the Cash App without SSN. However, in this way, you won’t get the offers and benefits such as Bitcoin & Stock trading, and get a debit card.

Why does the Cash App ask for a full SSN?

Cash App asks for your full SSN to verify your account. Cash App uses your SSN to authenticate the account and to avoid the misuse of Bitcoin withdrawals. Apart from this, it also helps in the prevention of stock trading from any misuse.

Can you send money on the cash app without SSN?

You can send money on Cash App without SSN; however, this is a very limited amount. If you don’t share the SSN with Cash App, you can send up to $250 in 7 days, whereas the receiving amount is $1000. This is the standard limit for unverified users only, and if you want to send more than this amount, you need to verify your account using SSN.

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